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Bake Sale

Bake Sale

The school held its first Bake Sale on the 19th of October, 2017. The aim of this event was to generate some money for our next charity event. The Bake Sale also served as an extension of some classroom activities. It was an avenue for the students to practice what they have learnt in Home Economics, Mathematics, Business Studies lessons as well as some co-curricular activities.

Students were seen collaborating with the teachers on marketing strategies to sell their items faster. This includes flyers, presentation of items, et. Cetera.

With the support of our committed parents, students were able to bake items to bring in for sale. Some were able to buy at a different source and brought in to school which was later sold at reasonable prices.

Bake Sale

It was indeed a memorable event as our students were able to practice public speaking, marketing skills, concept of profit and losses.

Bake Sale

Students also engaged in sports competition as a side attraction while the bake sale was going on.

Bake Sale

The nursery department wasn’t left out as they also had a family picnic with the parents. Parents were entertained by presentation of nursery rhymes, melodious recitations of the Holy Qur’an, as well as drama.

Bake Sale

The event ended on a good note as the students were able to raise a reasonable amount for the next term’s charity event. Students were excited and admitted they were already looking forward to the next bake sale.


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  • Muhammad Iantami / Reply

    I have been in Alnoor for 3 years and I am not regretting anything. It’s an amazing school!

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