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Thank you for your interest in ICICE Al-Noor Academy.
Please, find the admission procedure below.

Fill our enquiry form to confirm your interest in ICICE Al-Noor Academy.
We will send you a schedule of tour dates. You are to opt in for one.
You can then begin the application after paying the application fee.
An invitation for an entrance exam will be given. Upon passing the exam, you will be admitted to the school.
Begin the procedure.

Frequently asked questions

Each class has a minimum of two teachers assigned to them. A class teacher and an assistant. In some cases, we have more than one assistant class teacher.
What is the minimum age for Nursery 1?

For a child to be admitted into Nursery 1, they have to be at least 3 years old before the end of the year for the session they are applying for.

Do you offer a discount for multiple?

Yes, we do. But the discount only applies to you if you have 4 or more children. The eldest pays full tuition fee while the rest gets a 20% discount on tuition fee alone.

What are the subjects for the entrance exam?

The main subjects that determine your admission into the school are Mathematics and English (Literacy and Numeracy for the Nursery). Though, we still measure them on Basic Science, Arabic and Qur’an too.

What is the maximum number of students in a class?

The upper limit for all the class for the number of students is 25. Currently, all our classes have fewer than 25 students.

About Us
ICICE Al-Noor Academy is a nursery, primary & secondary school. It consists of the Islamic, British & Nigerian curriculum. Our vision is to be at the forefront of dissemination of science and Islamic knowledge for the benefit of humanity.